Who We Are

Your Partners, From Startup To Exit

Our team of experienced venture capital investors is intimately acquainted with the FinTech market. Our founding team invested together while at RBC Venture Partners for over a decade. In late 2014, we purchased the remaining companies in that portfolio, with support of leading institutional investors to create our first independent fund. In January 2016, we raised our second fund.

Our philosophy is as straightforward as our strategy – identify disruptive, game-changing opportunities and the entrepreneurs with the passion to make them a reality, and lend our resources and expertise towards that goal every step of the way. We don’t chase trends. We don’t care if what you’re doing is “sexy” – we just care that it will make a difference to the global businesses that you serve.

Capable. Experienced. Committed. We are more than just investors, we’re your teammates.


What We Invest In

Unlocking Innovation

When it comes to FinTech - we get it

FinTech is the infrastructure of the global economy. We pave the way for a smoother ride.

The Information Venture
Partners investment focus

Our investment focus can be broadly defined
to fit into five high level areas:

The convergence of
4 powerful themes

Creating an environment for
transformational change

For a more granular look at the FinTech investment landscape and the factors driving disruptions in Fintech investing, download our white paper.

Setting the Stage for
$1-billion Startups

The Dawn of FinTech 2.0?

While the spotlight may be shining on the FinTech market, it is not a new phenomenon. Over the past five years, investment in FinTech start-ups has been steadily growing.

For a more granular look at the FinTech investment landscape and the factors driving disruptions in Fintech investing, download our latest Whitepaper

Three Factors Driving
Investment Activity

Renewed interest in building market share and launching new products

See How Online Payments has taken over 40% of FinTech deals in each of the past 5 years in our latest Fintech Whitepaper

Leading A New, Dynamic Phase for Fintech Investing

Driven by Web, Mobile, Cloud Computing, & more

Looking for more insight about how to capitalize on FinTech Market Opportunities?
Download our Fintech Market Whitepaper

Your Partner in Enterprise SaaS

Powering the business behind global businesses.

A New Breed of
Enterprise Software

Leveraging open source technology and the power of data to provide enterprise customers with new ways to serve customers, drive efficiencies and attract more business.

See How Information Venture Partners is approaching the data landscape and its investment focus areas.

The Shifting Enterprise
Software Landscape

Seismic changes reshaping the world of
Enterprise Software

Emerging technologies are driving disruption within the market:

Learn how to harness these change agents to deliver more agile, innovative, and cost-efficient, solutions

Focusing on Data,
Information and Insight

Contextualization, personalization, and
automation of data is reshaping the
enterprise world

When properly leveraged, becomes a powerful tool for driving user experience, as well as quickly shift gears strategically and tactically due to rapid access to contextualized information.

Learn how disruptive companies are utilizing innovative technology to reshape the enterprise world.

The Information Venture
Partners Investment Focus

Five high-potential themes aligning our
expertise in the enterprise market

See how these exciting changes are enabling small & agile players to disrupt large markets featuring well-established players.

Leading A New, Dynamic Phase for Enterprise Investing

New Investment Opportunities in Large Markets Ripe for Change

Agile, and innovative, players are capitalizing on emerging technology to disrupt established incumbents and win increasing market shares. Learn how in our Enterprise SaaS Market Whitepaper


How We Work

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

We understand

that building a world class software company is a marathon, not a sprint.

And we know

that when times get tough and the roadblocks start to build up, a strong and knowledgeable investor makes all the difference.

We work with our investee companies through each journey from start to finish

making sure we hit every metric and milestone on the route to a successful exit – together.


We believe

that our approach enables us to deliver better returns for our stakeholders.

Committed To Our Community

Businesses prosper when we work together to build a better world for all.

Share the Upside

Our team works hard to support the community we live and work in. We are founders and driving forces behind the Upside Foundation, an exciting venture that lets Canadian entrepreneurs give back to our society.


Supported by startups, VCs and associations, the process is simple: Donate options, not cash, and when you have that huge exit, those options convert into sorely needed funds for Canadian charities. It’s just one way we’re building a better world.



Find the Brightest

We are proud to be the founders of the Financial Services Venture Capital Alliance, an organization focusing on bringing together the best and brightest general partners investing in and around financial services.


As the founders, co-chairs, and only Canadian fund in the association, our contributions firmly embedded us in the greater North American FinTech network.





Acquired by Frontier Capital

Igloo bills itself as “an intranet you’ll actually like”, and we see why. By connecting work platforms, file storage, and communications in one easy to use collaborative ecosystem, Igloo powers a comprehensive digital workplace for its clients.